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  • Nathalie Durel

Individual retreat in Tenerife with teaching plant from the Amazon

The individual retreat is attended by Nathalie Durel, psychotherapist specialized in Jungian transpersonal psychology, art therapist, therapist in horse assisted interventions and healer with therapeutic tobacco and master plants from the Amazonian Asháninka tradition.

The retreat is 7 days (including arrival and departure days). It takes place in the northern part of the island of Tenerife, in a protected area in nature and in the center of the mythical plain of La Orotava.

It will be tailored to the needs of the participant. In this sense, you will have to fill out a document in which you will be asked for your personal information, your health and mental health history, and the objective(s) of the individual retreat, that is, the therapeutic objective.

Basically, the main idea is to come back to your "center" - to you!

The activities during the retreat will be: Transpersonal/Jungian oriented psychotherapy; Meditation with and without therapeutic gong; Art therapy; Writing; Master plant diet and tobacco purging; Full attention walks in the surrounding nature (forest/Teide volcano/sea). So that you can reconnect with yourself by combining Being with Nature, where there will be an opportunity to be in full consciousness.

During the retreat, you will not have access to your cell phone or computer, television, music; nor will you be in contact with other people except for the therapist/healer; alcohol, drugs, sex (including masturbation), medicines are forbidden. A specific diet will be offered to you, without salt, sugar, fat, coffee, tea, meat, fish and dairy products. It may seem drastic, but it is fundamental to detoxify the body and allow the plants to settle properly. You should also prepare yourself a few days before with a simpler diet and in the days following the retreat (at least one week) you should maintain certain precautions.

The retreat also requires you to be in contact with people outside as little as possible and to be very quiet, so that you are in contact with yourself as much as possible. This may require psychological preparation on your part in the days leading up to the retreat. Also, after the retreat you will "enter" a so-called post-diet phase of at least a week (depending on the plant that will be taken) and which requires keeping most of the prohibitions mentioned above.

Note: people who are not able to endure solitude, silence, and inactivity will not be able to participate.


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